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Nov. 15th, 2016 03:22 am
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Sep. 5th, 2016 05:51 pm
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Since Mikaela IS a vampire, the inevitability will come around that he may end up someday biting someone if it comes down to it/he loses control, so this is necessary for that reason.

What I need is a couple things.

1. Character's Name
2. A Yes/No to being bitten
3. Whether they would be capable of stopping him if he himself wasn't able to.
4. If their blood might have a negative property that may affect Mikaela in any form.

I appreciate it and thank you guys again /o/
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Mikaela Hyakuya
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Player: MIKA
Canon: Owari no Seraph
Canon Point: End of s.2 anime; pre-four month timeskip
Alignment: ELIOS
Date of Entry: 09/05/2016

Contact: Plurk @ [plurk.com profile] indulgentsin
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Player: Mika
Contact: AIM: an inked heart
Age: 27
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Mikaela Hyakuya
Age: 16
Canon: Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End
Canon Point: End of s.2 anime; pre-four month timeskip

Background: here!!

Personality: The events of a world can strike tragedy into anyone and change them.

Mikaela Hyakuya is not an exception to this by any stretch of the word.

As a human child, he had been upbeat, cheerful and kind, if not a little feisty. He seemed to take things in stride rather well considering his abusive childhood, able to speak of it so casually to Yuuichiro, a boy he befriended once arriving at the Hyakuya orphanage. It would be hard to see Mika without a smile on his face, along with a sense of responsibility he held as the eldest child at the orphanage that let him be able to take care of the other kids.

Once the virus that killed off a large chunk of people in the world, allowing vampires to take control, it let Mika become that kind of person who took on the hardships so the other kids wouldn’t have to. Especially being as him and his little close-knit family were now livestock for the vampires underground. He changed, growing up more and becoming more cunning and willing to do whatever he could to keep his family safe, speaking up for the hot-headed Yuu when he was about to get himself killed by a vampire noble when he’d spoken out against them. He played up a happy and carefree persona around the other kids but it didn’t mean it didn’t hurt him on the inside, giving himself over to Ferid Bathory on several occasions in order to eventually help his family escape the hell within the world of Sanguinem that they lived in. Mika took on a world of extra responsibilities to spare others, more than a child of twelve should be taking on and forced to grow up faster than others. Being fiercely loyal to his family and keeping them close to his heart is something that was never liable to change, along with his sense of courage and wishes to keep the hope alive in his family.

The world however, is unkind.

It continued to change him in the cruelest ways.

He might have had sharp wits, cunning and a ton of courage but even that didn’t save his family from being slaughtered before him during an attempted escape to the outside. Sacrificing himself so Yuu could escape, he was happy that Yuu finally accepted everyone as his family after such a long time. Allowing yourself to accept death wasn’t easy for most, but Mika finally had given in, believing it was okay for him to die in peace if it meant Yuu could live on. It was about then, on that day when two changes happened after that in a big way that would come to be the pinnacle of Mikaela’s existence.

Krul Tepes, third progenitor and Queen of the Vampires in Japan turned Mikaela into a vampire against his will.

In keeping him alive, it resulted in the ‘death’ of his humanity for the most part. He gained a hatred for vampires due to his history with them, but also humans for the sole purpose that he found out they’d experimented on Yuu. Unlike the cheerful, outgoing and friendly person he was before, Mika became full of self-hate and loathing to the point it closed off most of his other emotions from everyone else, always keeping things to himself. There’s a bitterness within him, but even as a vampire, Mika had kept an incredible self-restraint and despite his burning desire to bite a human, he always stopped himself each and every time. Resorting to sustaining himself off of Krul Tepes’ blood so he wouldn’t have to drink human blood and become a monster before he found Yuu and had him at his side again. Other vampires have constantly remarked how ‘weird’ and ‘odd’ he was but it was always something he brushed off, never smiling and always looking apathetic due to the heavy self-loathing always at the surface of his mind.

There’s never a day that Mika didn’t blame himself for the death of his family and focusing his attention on seeing Yuu again; his sole reason of living. Doing absolutely everything so he can reunite with him.
Few people can gain proper emotions out of him and conversation wise? He only ever spoke to either Krul or Ferid, the former seeming to understand him and helping him where she could. Even if he got hurt in the process, she still helped him and always gave him information here and there and it stands to reason that she’s important to him. She helped keep his hunger in check, warning him that this couldn’t last forever, though he ignored this under the wish to not let himself become a complete vampire. A monster.

Around the majority of people, Mika comes off as cold, disinterested and heartless and always preferred to rush into battle on his own with little concern to his life. Making him a vampire who was ‘arrogant’ and reckless, though the latter only came out the most where Yuu was concerned. A good example of that being that he took on headfirst an entire group of soldiers all by himself in order to finally take Yuu away from the humans that he truly believed were just using him, getting severely injured in the process. He’s also been known to use himself as a shield when Yuu lost control and was about to attack his teammate Shinoa, trying to reason with him not to attack the humans, as while he didn’t like them, it didn’t mean he was alright with things like that. He doesn’t see humans the same as the other vampires – like livestock – but it’s never stopped the vampiric side of him from nearly taking over him as in three different instances his cravings for human blood nearly overwhelmed him. Being stubborn and resilient was a quality of his, enduring such pain as withholding from drinking and living properly as a vampire for YEARS, but that was only going to take him so far before it got to him. Surviving through pain, blood lust and the sheer agony of holding back from drinking human blood lasted him for four solid years.

Something else to note about him is that due to Yuu being his last remaining family member alive, Mika cares about him and his safety before anyone else’s. His humanity remains within that, wishing to keep that one person safe and desiring to protect him and doing anything he can to ensure this, driven into a rage when Ferid taunted him about Yu, though it was only during their first reunion when the man put a hand on Yu that Mika cut his arm off out of rage and disgust that he’d touched him at all.

Like before, once he’d gotten Yuu away from the humans with the Shinoa squad helping him (after he’d been severely injured up until then), Mika planned to die but had never predicted in how stubborn his old friend and family could be. Upon Yuu’s insistence against Mika’s sheer stubborn will, the former won him over and convinced him to live; to drink his blood and didn’t let up until that finally happened. Allowing him to become a full vampire and quenching that four-year long torment he’d been holding back with before now, though that’s really the only thing that changed about him.

That didn’t at all stop him from indulging on his selfish wishes, begging Yuu not to go back to the humans and to ‘abandon them and run away with me’. He had even gone as far as to draw his sword on Yuu, insisting that it was bad to trust the humans and he didn’t get why Yuu still could even while knowing what the humans have done to him. Though because he didn’t want to lose him again, plus having listened to what the other had to say about his friends, he was persuaded enough to go back and care for Yuu’s four friends but that was it.

What remained was still that Yuu would ALWAYS be his top priority, no matter what. Everyone else comes second.

Though it stands to reason that Mika still holds a lot of loyalty to Krul Tepes in spite of having been turned, as she understands his desire to return to his family. It was her who told him before the ‘war’ started to go get ‘lost’ amidst all the chaos of it so he could find the one person who meant the most to him, and hide away from both humans and vampires.

Abilities: Can be found just over here!

Alignment: Elios

While he may hold a distrust for most people and can’t trust others easily, I picked Elios for Mikaela as the mass amount of self-loathing and hatred he feels for both humans and vampires stand strong. He’ll likely be even more angry and full of hate for those who took him away from the one family member he finally got back.

Other: Uhm… nothing other than that his being a vampire might end up going badly for him here, possibly. |D



( One can be found on the TDM but for purposes of displaying emotions clearly, thought I’d add another. )

Once again Krul had been right.

Mika had come to accept that war was inevitable, his thoughts solely on the one person who mattered the most to him. He’d put everything on the line, sacrificing his so called vampire comrades so they wouldn’t get in the way and letting himself get severely injured in his way to save Yuu. The humans were not to be trusted, but there had been something about those four ‘friends’ of Yuu’s and how they spoke that he hadn’t expected it; doubted that something like ‘family’ could exist among humans. It seemed like all his efforts finally paid off, all those years of putting himself through unbelievable amounts of sheer agony and suffering and now he had his family back with him.

Of course he was as ridiculously stubborn as always. Why should he have expected anything less than that from him?

In hindsight that was something that had turned out for the best, now sworn to live on for Yuu after finally drinking human blood. His blood. No he could never go back now, having broken that law they had about directly feeding from humans in Sanguinem but he didn’t care about that anymore. The only thing that mattered was his last-remaining family was alive and they faced everything together now, and the mess that exploded upon arriving to the scene of the chaotic fight between vampires and humans was something not even he had been expecting. The humans were disgusting, initiating things like that project and having made Yuu resort to calling on his Seraph to fight despite it was a ridiculously stupid thing to be doing. Admittedly it was almost scary to witness, but in the end Yuu had taken care of everything but of course the world was not so simple and the very ‘Army’ that Yuu had been under now sought control of him. Only with the help of those four humans and another had they been able to start escaping with Yuu in tow, but it didn’t stop some ugly emotions crawling to the surface with heated voracity.

That was something that stuck with him, even after the initial shock of somehow ending up here on his own. Separate from the one person in the world who actually mattered to him.

There had indeed been a fit of anger at the initial realization before he’d shut those down and attempted to go off on his own so he wouldn’t bother anyone. It didn’t mean his anger was gone or he was dealing with things in a healthy manner by any matter of the word, now finding himself in a park somewhere in Verens sitting back against a tree underneath it’s welcoming shade. He knew he stood out like a sore thumb; even if he wasn’t wearing his usual uniform – it was bloodied and torn anyway – the fact remained that his eyes were still VERY crimson and he bore fangs that no human really did.

Old habits were kicking in hardcore and without his most important person here, with his bright smile and stubborn attitude, it meant he had nothing again. No Krul, No Yuu.

A bitterness welled up within Mikaela before he could think twice about it, followed quickly by a searing, burning anger that whatever had brought him here had taken away what was precious to him when he’d finally worked so hard for it. Lips curling into annoyance, he shifted to lean more against the tree when an unusual ‘crunch’ met his ears and he turned his gaze to the grass beneath him. It had been a bright, vivid green, but now was withered directly underneath where he sat, slowly spreading outward and causing a bit of alarm because the whole concept of physical emotions were something he was still trying to get used to. People had started to stare, causing anxiety to knot within him as he rose to his feet, backing up a little before turning on his heel to try and get away from their prying eyes.

Once again he was an outsider. One of those who they called an ‘Otherworlder’.

Shaking his head, Mika didn’t see the person coming up behind him until they touched a hand to his shoulder. With the anxiety getting stronger, it was mixing with the fervent rush of anger and putting him on edge. It shouldn’t have been a surprise when he made to recoil and the world saw fit to exaggerate it.
“Don’t touch me.” His words were icy, but nothing in comparison to the literal shockwave that knocked the person off their feet. No… he hadn’t meant to do anything more than remove their hand and be on his way but this was far from expected, his emotions rampant as he tried to deal with all of this and put on that disinterested face of his.

However it wasn’t as easy as he thought.

Questions: None at the moment~!


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